My First Attempt at University Life


The year is 1986 and this is my dorm room at Newcastle University. Like most students I’ve decorated the room with whatever scraps I’ve been able to find, notably a Crocodile Dundee poster, some Rocky Horror show cards, a couple of Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers items, and one or two fetishy bits.

Other than that there are a few books, a couple of graphic novels, and what I think are some miniatures in the process of being painted. Absent are any books involving the subject I was studying which is possibly one reason why this was an attempt at university.

When I contrast this picture with the ones of me a few years earlier the change is quite shocking. I’ve lost all my hair and gained tons of weight. Looking back I realised that this is down to being allowed out of school at lunchtime to get my own lunch and the cheap and readily available supply of [fried product/pie] with chips and a can of Tango in Carlisle in the early eighties.

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